Aelia Eudoxia, wife of Arcadius (Augusta in the East 400-404 A.D.) -  AE3 - 14.45mm, 2.30g
Aelia Eudoxia, her pearl diademed and draped bust right;
Above: Manus Dei holds wreath.
Chi-Rho in left field, CONSA in Exergue.
Victory seated right on cuirass,
inscribing Chi-Rho on shield atop column.
Aelia Eudoxia
The image below was photographed by Mark Lehman. The image above is my own scan.
Minted at the 1st officina (A) in Constantinopolis (Istanbul, Turkey) between 402 and 404 A.D.

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General reference (no exact determination by mint):
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Quality: Very Fine-
Rarity: C (Common)