Aurelian (270-275 A.D.) -  AE Antoninianus - 21.70mm, 2.82g
Aurelian, his radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Victory advancing right, holding wreath and palm.
T in exergue.

Minted in Mediolanum (Milan, Italy) in December 270 or January 271 A.D.

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Quality: Fine+/Very Fine-
As can be seen on the coin holder above, in the 19th century this coin was part of the collection of the Academisch
Penningenkabinet of the Hogeschool Leiden, which existed until 1881, when it was incorporated into the Koninklijk
Penningenkabinet in Den Haag.  
Obsolete coins from both collections were sold off in batches from the 20th century onwards. A couple of these large batches, some
still with original coin card holders from the late 19th or early 20th century, were offered for sale in the May 2016 Auction of MPO
Heritage Europe. Later that year I subsequently purchased several individual coins from the people who won them at that May 2016
The reference to Cohen on the card concerns the first edition,  published in 1859, and not the rivised 2nd edition (published
between 1880 and 1892) which is most frequently used nowadays.