Hanniballianus (Rex Regum 'King of Kings' of Pontus and Armenia, 335-337 A.D.)
Billon reduced centenionalis / AE3/4 - 16.52mm, 1.53g

Hanniballianus, his bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
CONS followed by the officina mark S in exergue.
The river-god Euprates reclining right, resting on scepter,
overturned urn at his side, from which water flows, reed
growing in the background.

Minted at the 6th offiina (S) in Constantinopolis (Istanbul, Turkey) in 336 or 337 A.D.

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General reference (No exact determination by mint possible in these works):
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Quality: Fine+/Very Fine-
Rarity: R2