Licinius (308-324 A.D.) -  AE Nummus (Follis) - 20.32mm, 4.96g
Licinius, his laureate head right.
Hercules (Farnese) standing right, leaning on club wrapped in lion's skin.
I in left field, ANT Star in Exergue.

The image below was photographed by Beast Coins. The image above is my own scan.

Minted at officina 10 (I) in Antioch (Antakya, Turkey) in 313 A.D.

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Quality: Very Fine+/Extra Fine
Rarity: R2
Ex Voz Collection of Roman Imperial Tetrarchy.
Vozmozhno's site is no longer online but Beast Coins still has some of his coins (including this one)
listed here (this specimen. is listed there highlighted in a blue row to illustrate the legend error in RIC VI)