Severus Alexander (222-235 A.D.) - Silver Denarius - 18.93mm, 2.59gr
Severus Alexander, his laureate and draped bust right
Annona, standing head-left, holding grain ears and anchor,
a modius at her feet.
Severus Alexander
Here's the before/after (or should I say after & before) cleaning picture for this coin, which came in a group of 9 semi-uncleaned
denarii - 4 of Severus Alexander, 4 of Elagabalus and one of Julia Mamaea, found in the UK.

Method of cleaning:
1. Repeated baths in citric acid (three parts demineralized water to one part citric acid powder),
each time followed by a bath in demineralized water. Baths lasted several hours each.
2. Several 30 second dips in something called "zilver snelglansdip" / "silver fast-shine dip",
an ammonia based solution -not silver polish!- from  HG International,
once again followed by a bath (lasting several hours) in demineralized water.

A no point did I touch this coin with any tools like brushes, picks, etc!
Severus Alexander
Minted in Rome 231 A.D.
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Quality: Very Fine+