Tetricus I (271-274 A.D.) -  AE Antoninianus - 18.45x16.51mm, 3.62g
Tetricus, his radiate and cuirassed bust right
Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm.

Minted in Colonia Claudia Agrippina Augusta (Cologne, Germany) 272 or 273 A.D.

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Quality: About Fine+
Scarcity: C (Common)
This coin was once part of the collection of a mr. H. de Jongh, who donated his collection to the Koninklijk Peningenkabinet in
Den Haag on the 7th of November 1929. In 1881 the Koninklijk Peningenkabinet in Den Haag had acquired most of the Roman
coins that were in the collection of the Academisch Penningenkabinet of the Hogeschool Leiden, after it was disbanded that year.
Obsolete coins from both cabinets were subsequently sold off in batches from the 20th century onwards. A couple of these large
batches, some still with original coin card holders from the late 19th or early 20th century, were offered for sale in the May 2016
Auction of MPO Heritage Europe. Later that year I subsequently purchased several individual coins from the people who won
them at that May 2016 auction.
Please not that the coinholder depicted here, which came with this coin, refers to an incorrect entry
on Tetricus in Cohen, namely a reverse with PAX AVG instead of VICTORIA AVG.