Forgeries of ancient Roman and Greek coins offered for sale on a large scale on the internet!

This page is dedicated to educate and warn people about counterfeit ancient coins offered through the internet, and to acquaint them with the appearance of these coins in order to distinguish them from the genuine ancient coins.

1. Counterfeit ancient coins offered on eBay:

kdl " Online Liquidators / Toronto Group " - cast forgeries in large numbers!

BEWARE: Many images (high speed connection recommended)!
ant13 "antiqueseller_13 " - the Vancouver branch?
rs  " romanseller " - crude cast forgeries in August, 2002,
from an otherwise honest dealer?
G2 A fake Gordian II Denarius that keeps popping up from time to time
A fake Constantius II Solidus of Lebanese origin
Two examples were offered on the internet in May, 2003.
One on eBay and another in a Yahoo auction!

More ancient fakes of Lebanese origin.
These examples were offered on eBay in August, 2003 by sellers(s)
who -like the Toronto group- also have a tendency of chancing identities!

2. Counterfeit ancient coins offered through newsgroups (rec.collecting.coins) and mailing lists:

drk Dr. Kalinov / thracian_kotys /

3. Links to web sites about counterfeit ancient coins (under construction):

"Fakes Gallery" on

Jencek's List of Modern Forgeries

Calgary Coin and Antique Gallery - ancient fakes and forgeries

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