Constans (337-350 A.D.) - AE4 - 15.94mm, 1.71g
Constans, his laurel and rosette diademed, 
draped and cuirassed bust in paludamentum right.
Two helmeted soldiers standing facing, each holding an inverted spear,
and leaning on a shield, one standard between them.
SMTSΓ in Exergue. O in standard.
regular coin image
I took the two images above with a flatbed scanner, and the image below,
showing a close-up of the mint mark, with a digital usb microscope at 40x enlarged.
Minted at the third officina (Γ) in Thessalonica (Saloniki, Greece) between September 337 and spring 340 A.D.

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General reference type (no detailed determination by mint mark or officina):
Van Meter, D., "Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins" (VM), p297, nr 51, variety with Ol/13.
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Quality: Fine
Rarity:  C2