Bench Sumo's
North Pole Ichimon
"Keeping Alive The Spirit of Adventure"
Base camp set up on March, 7th, 2003

The current NPI members:

Round the back of
Charlie's Noodle
Juryo 13W

Maegashira 5E

  Jonidan 3E

  Sandanme 17E

  Yokozuna 1E

Maegashira 5W

Maegashira 15E

Ryori no


Jonidan 4W


Juryo 1E

Sandanme 24W

Juryo 3E

Maegashira 15W

Tuen Mun-beya
Jonidan 8W


Sandanme 19W

Sandanme 3E

Jonidan 9W


Komusubi 2W


Fugis sumo-beya
Sandanme 9E



Maegashira 13W

Makushita 5E


Wakanozan II

The NPI Oyakata

NPI Oyakata Emeritus
Oyakata 2003-2005

NPI Oyakata

NPI Oyakata
Honorary Members
(members who have retired from Bench Sumo or started from scratch under another Shikona):

Boltono - NPI Oyakata Emeritus, now playing as Boltbutthama
Chochosan - retired
Hatakuneko - retired
jomojo - retired
Manamiwaka/Taconokawa/Dubya - retired
nikioshu  - retired
Okeshi  - retired
Oyakobuta - retired
Sumosmurf  - retired
Susanowozan/Akedrono  - retired
Thomashimaru  - retired
Torideyama  - NPI Oyakata 2006-2007/5
Tzutziyama  - retired
Wakanozan/Gibmaatsuki - now playing as Wakanozan II
The North Pole Ichimon Members as rendered by NPI Oyakata Emeritus Boltono

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Introducing Aurora

The North Pole Ichimon mascot

FAQ - A Short History in Quotes - compiled by jomojo.
Polar Bear and Penguin images in this table supplied by Jejima (all but one) and Chijanofuji (the one "having a ball" at the very bottom left ;-)

Rushing to the North Pole.....
*** "What is an ichimon in Bench Sumo and how did they come about?" ***
"...there is (apparently) an underground movement for the recognition of (I think, I have deleted the relevant emails) the state of New England
rikishi as a heya.  Now, these rikishi don't want to form an 'actual' heya in that they still wish to fight each other, (which is a blessing for your
poor, hard-working torikumi-makers) but they want to have recognition for being in some way connected.  There also seems to be something
similar happening amongst the strong contigent of French players.

What I would suggest is opening up the idea of 'ichimon'.  I am not sure how we record these - or how / if it would affect the game, except that it
would be a form of recognition for the links between players.  (For those unsure, an ichimon is an affiliation of several heyas, who do a lot of
things together.  There are 5 official ichimons in 'real sumo'.)  We could then have a New England Ichimon, a France Ichimon, and so on.  This
would also help with the deciding of a dew-sweeper and a sword-bearer should/when we ever get a Bench Yokozuna 
I would think that we would need to set a minimum requirement for the number of rikishi within an ichimon, for it to be allowed to be set up.

To start with, we could do something regional, eg The Americas; German speaking countries; Scandinavian countries; Rest of Europe and
Africa; Asia-Australasia-Antartica), which all current players would be put into, and new players would be asked to sign up for one.  Then, within
those ichimons, break-away ichimons (eg New England from The Americas, France from Rest of Europe) would be allowed, if there is enough
players interested - perhaps minimum of 5 or 6?) can form a workable ichimon, and still leave enough players behind in the 'Mother ichimon' to
not bring it below the minimum.  Great fun / statistics could then be had by following the fortunes... 
(Bench Sumo Rijicho Jejima, in a post entitled "Very Important Administration", 27/01/03)
"A starting ichimon [in Benchsumo] should have at least 10 players ...
An ichimon would be allowed to dwindle to a minimum of 6 members, by which stage the members can hopefully have attracted more members, or otherwise fold ... The members would then be free to join another one."
(Jejima, 31/01/03)
Waiting for back rub?
Or a tummy tickle?

*** "So how did your ichimon end up at the North Pole?" ***
"By having [a] henka button in bench sumo ... [this] would add a new element to the game, which would hopefully be a little controversial ...
[in that some] rikishi ... who start off the basho with the intention of winning by skill alone, [could] change their mind in the second week as MK looms."
(Jejima, 01/02/03)
"These players should be banished to the North Pole!!"
"Hi Jezz....I'll join you at The North Pole then!"
(Boltono, 02/02/03)
"Henka is NOT cheating, henka is a regular part of Sumo, I love henka! I just don't want to be forced to do it by automation, that's all."
(Jakusotsu, 03/02/03)
"Here's another one for the pole ... glad to be human."
(Wakanozan/Gibmaatsuki, 03/02/03)
"jomojo is thinking of joining the Jejima, Boltono, and Wakanozan 'see how I feel on the day' approach to using the proposed henka button ...
So guys, is there a case as yet for having a North Pole ichimon created for folks who are neither always henka, nor always non-henka?
I am wondering whether there maybe something of a cultural difference going on here. My mind set itself to thinking and came up with
the following theory. The British are rather good at inventing popular games, eg. football, rugby, cricket, tennis. Their approach to playing said popular games, however, tends to be somewhat inconsistent. Almost as if they would find winning all the time a little tedious, and so they leave that sort of thing to the other nations."
(jomojo, 03/02/03)
"I dare anyone else to join me and Jomojo and Jezz and Wakanozan as founding members of The [North] Pole Ichimon...
unofficial but nevertheless established in readiness for group heya growth as the henka button becomes operational as a 'on the whim of the
moment' object."
(Boltono, 04/02/03)
"Brit/Canadian Getayukata would like to join your ichimon at the north pole."
(Getayukata, 05/02/03)
"Here are the suggested ichimons. We are still in the early days of this, so nothing is decided as yet."
(Jejima, 04/03/03)
"I had 5 replies from BS players who wanted to join me in a North Pole Ichimon. Can this still be considered. If the 5 BS players are preferring
to re-locate to one of the other suggested Ichimons please let me know. It's fine by me whatever unfolds."
(Boltono, 05/03/03)
"This would leave the Brits (usually 3 - 5 of us, depending on how British we are feeling) and the Dutch.
I feel that the British and the Dutch (about 4 players) would make a good combination, although a smaller than the others' ichimon.
With Boltono's suggestion we could form the nucleus of the 'North Pole [ichimon]', and invite any other players who feels best suited to such climes to join us."
(Jejima, 06/03/03)  
Someone ate too many beans?
Early morning keiko?
*** "Who belongs in the North Pole Ichimon?" ***
"The North Pole can be a place where all misfits, non-politically correct persons, robbers, brigands, convicts ... oddballs, creative henka-ers,
BS mercenaries hang out. If you fit these categories, or if you just fancy the cold stark wondrous beauty of it all, then do come and join us.
Dutch men and women most welcome ...
[The] fee ... for a 'yaocho blood brother / sister amulet' should be ... sent with your application!"
(Boltono, 07/03/03)
"[Let's make that] Frost brother [or sister]."
(Jakusotsu, 07/03/03)
"The British have always had a fond affection for the earth's Poles and it is in some ways apt, fitting, and timely, that we have now become
the first ones within the Benchsumo community to reach the northern one!
... May I now boldly go where no benchsumo rikishi has gone before, and propose a motto for The North Pole ichimon ...
"THE NORTH POLE ICHIMON - KEEPING ALIVE THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE" unveiled on the seventh day of the third month
in the year [2003] ... I am confident many more cyber-rikishi will flock to this banner in the months and years to come, all those spiritual adventurers in search of a welcome space for their novel reflections."
(jomojo, 07/03/03)
"Spoken like a true Brit indeed Jomojo! ...
The true BS adventurers domicile is now The North Pole. We must get a regular supply flown in of gin and tonic and other items.
Baked beans, Marks and Spencers lemon cheesecake, Tiptons Earl Grey Tea, and (with a concession to Old Europe) some croissants."
(Boltono, 07/03/03)
"You know, I love all my North Pole buddies and I hope you weren't sick after my cooking post-basho last time, but I am not a one who likes organisations, ranging from any group or crowd downwards to the Brit Queen empire. I love spontaneity and take-it-as-it-comes fail or succeed individual endeavours, and I think one of the problems that stop people truly developing into special individuals is a crowd mentality.
The North Pole is a place for misfits / oddballs / nice sweet 'only children' etc individuals to feel at home, and not to be organised into anything.
I would oppose all attempts to make the North Pole 'organised'. It is better as a sort of Pirates Haven methinks! And, oddly enough, it will work better that way. Please no 'let's all get together and decide who gets the North Pole Bronze Chastity Belt / Polka Dot Mawashi or best super-duper player of all cosmic hyper galaxy ever and ever forever sumogames person'....(apologies to Zenjimoto, whose games I enjoy very much and I appreciate his commitment to a love of sumo per se). It's just that we are not all wanting to be bunched into a 'formula'... North Pole or anywhere else. The games and the lively growth and beyond-the-fringe banter is something that should maintain just that...growth and constant change and evolving...outside of the 'let's pour concrete on it-rules-regulate-tabulate-organise-quantify-qualify-synchronise' thinking."
(Boltono, 17/10/03)
"Must be a mild crackpot even if it is in the privacy of your own home.
Boltono (just one of the wanderers out there in the beautiful frozen spectacle of it all)."
(Boltono, 10/11/03)
"Now that the North Pole has managed to recruit Marushiki, we are thinking of a long-term project... to recruit other players from
Australia and New Zealand to the North Pole - if you would like to join. Then possibly at some time in the future (when there are 10 or
more such players at the NPI), all those that wished could start a break-away ichimon at the South Pole (or some other name ?ANZACs?)."
(Jejima, 19/03/04)
Hugging the tawara...
Getting ready for
the hanamichi interview...
Defeating the sakurans...
*** "How can I join your ichimon and become a Frost Brother/ Sister?" ***
"Any more out there? [Just] let Jejima and Boltono know, now that the North Pole has been made 'official'."
(Boltono, 07/03/03)
"Technically you would now have to let [Fujisan] Oyakata know, but saying "I do" to any NPI member, or by simply expressing  your desire to join our Base Camp by saying so in the Bench Sumo list will do as well! And now that we have finally clinched the Ichimon Championship Flag, I couldn't possibly imagine who wouldn't want to join! "
(Chijanofuji, 06/10/06)
A good sleep...
But watch out for those darn penguin
visitors from the south pole!


North Pole Ichimon
Trophy Cabinet

Ichimon Championship Flag 2 times 1st - Aki 2006
2nd - Naogoya 2007
Makuuchi Yusho
6 times
1st - Natsu 2001 (Taconokawa)
2nd - Aki 2001 (Marushiki)
3rd - Kyushu 2002 (Chijanofuji)
- Hatsu 2004 (Chijanofuji)
5th - Aki 2004 (Chijanofuji)
6th - Hatsu 2006 (Ekigozan)
Makuuchi Jun-Yusho
23 times
1st - Aki 1999 (Marushiki)
2nd - Haru 2000 (Jejima)
3rd - Nagoya 2000 (Chijanofuji)
4th - Aki 2000 (Chijanofuji)
5th - Kyushu 2000 (Getayukata)
6th - Hatsu 2001 (Jejima)
7th - Nagoya 2001 (Chochosan)
8th - Nagoya 2001 (Taconokawa)
9th - Aki 2001 (Ekigozan)
10th - Haru 2002 (Boltono)
11th - Natsu 2001 (Wakanozan)
12th - Haru 2002 (Chijanofuji)
13th - Kyushu 2002 (Boltono)
14th - Nagoya 2003 (Jejima)
15th - Aki 2004 (Chochononami)
16th - Kyushu 2004 (Chochononami)
17th - Hatsu 2005 (Chijanofuji)
18th - Haru 2006 (Ekigozan)
19th - Hatsu 2007 (Ekigozan)
20th - Haru 2007 (Fujisan)
21st - Nagoya 2007 (Ekigozan)
22nd - Nagoya 2007 (Chijanofuji)
23rd - Aki 2007 (Ekigozan)
Zentoryu Quality of Sumo Awards
8 times
1st - Nagoya 2000 (Chijanofuji)
2nd - Aki 2000 (Chijanofuji)
3rd - Natsu 2001 (Wakanozan)
4th - Aki 2004 (Chijanofuji)
5th - Kyushu 2004 (Chijanofuji)
6th - Hatsu 2005 (Chijanofuji)
7th - Hatsu 2006 (Ekigozan)
8th - Aki 2007 (Ekigozan)
Yearly Quality of Sumo Awards
2 times
2000 (Chijanofuji)
2005 (Chijanofuji)
(Outstanding Performance Award
in BS Makuuchi)
9 times
1st - Natsu 2000 (Chijanofuji)
2nd - Kyushu 2000 (Jejima)
3rd - Natsu 2001 (Wakanozan)
4th - Nagoya 2001 (Taconokawa)
5th - Aki 2001 (Getayukata)
6th - Aki 2004 (Chijanofuji)
7th - Kyushu 2004 (Chijanofuji)
8th - Haru 2007 (Oshirokita)
9th - Aki 2007 (Chijanofuji)
(Technique Prize
in BS Makuuchi)

8 times
1st - Haru 2000 (Jejima)
2nd - Hatsu 2001 (Jejima)
3rd - Nagoya 2001 (Taconokawa)
4th - Aki 2004 (Chijanofuji)
5th - Kyushu 2004 (Chijanofuji)
6th - Natsu 2005 (Chijanofuji)
7th - Nagoya 2007 (Oshirokita)
8th - Kyushu 2007 (Oshirokita)
(Fighting  Spirit Award
in BS Makuuchi)

12 times
1st - Nagoya 2000 (Wakanozan)
2nd - Kyushu 2001 (Ekigozan)
3rd - Natsu 2002 (Ekigozan)
4th - Nagoya 2002 (Chijanofuji)
5th - Aki 2002 (Chijanofuji)
6th - Natsu 2003 (Ekigozan)
7th - Aki 2004 (Chijanofuji)
8th - Haru 2005 (Hatakuneko)
9th - Natsu 2005 (Soumikatai)
10th - Aki 2006 (Ekigozan)
11th - Nagoya 2007 (Oshirokita)
12th - Kyushu 2007 (Oshirokita)
Nekonishiki Nakabi Prizes
3 times
1st - Haru 2000 (Jejima)
2nd - Nagoya 2000 (Chijanofuji)
3rd - Kyushu 2000 (Boltono)
Nekonishiki Nakabi Zensho Sho
5 times
1st - Natsu 2002 (Jomojo, Makushita)
2nd - Nagoya 2002 (Chijanofuji, Makuuchi)
3rd - Nagoya 2002
(Jejima, Juryo)
4th - Kyushu 2002 (Tzutziyama, Sandanme)
5th - Nagoya 2003 (Tzutziyama, Juryo)
Nekonishiki Nakabi Zannen Sho
5 times
1st - Natsu 2003 (Boltono, Makuuchi)
2nd - Haru 2004 (Gibmaatsuki, Makuuchi)
3rd - Nagoya 2004 (Jakusotsu, Makuuchi)
4th - Aki 2004 (Hakaso, Juryo)
5th - Hatsu 2006 (Maguroyama, Sandanme)
Yaocho Bum Award
28 times
1st - Hatsu 2000 (Marushiki, Makuuchi)
2nd - Hatsu 2002 (Jejima, Makuuchi)
3rd - Natsu 2002 (Boltono, Makuuchi)
4th - Hatsu 2003 (Soumikatai, Juryo)
5th - Haru 2003 (Hatakuneko, Makuuchi)
6th - Aki 2003 (Oshirokita, Juryo)
7th - Aki 2003 (Chiyosifuji, Sandanme)
8th - Kyushu 2003 (Tzutziyama, Juryo)
9th - Haru 2004 (Hatakuneko, Makuuchi)
10th - Haru 2004 (Jejima, Juryo)
11th - Nagoya 2004 (Soumikatai, Makuuchi)
12th - Aki 2004 (Jejima, Juryo)
13th - Kyushu 2004 (Shimoryu, Sandanme)
14th - Hatsu 2005 (Jejima, Makuuchi)
15th - Hatsu 2005 (Chiyosifuji, Makushita)
16th - Haru 2005 (Tzutziyama, Makuuchi)
17th - Natsu 2005 (Manamiwaka, Juryo)
18th - Natsu 2005 (Boltbutthamma, Sandanme)
19th - Nagoya 2005 (Oshirokita, Juryo)
20th - Haru 2006 (Tzutziyama, Makushita)
21st - Haru 2006 (Kabochajima, Sandanme)
22nd - Natsu 2006 (Ekigozan, Makuuchi)
23rd - Nagoya 2006 (Getayukata, Makuuchi)
24th - Nagoya 2006 (nikioshu, Makushita)
25th - Aki 2006 (Getayukata, Makuuchi)
26th - Aki 2006 (Marushiki, Jonidan)
27th - Haru 2007 (Oshirokita, Makuuchi)
28th - Haru 2007 (pastanoyama, Makushita)
29th - Haru 2007 (philafuji, Jonidan)
No Cigar Prize
20 times
1st - Nagoya 2000 (Ekigozan, Makuuchi)
2nd - Aki 2000 (Ekigozan, Makuuchi)
3rd - Nagoya 2001 (Hatakuneko, Makushita)
4th - Hatsu 2002 (Chochononami,Sandanme)
5th - Natsu 2002 (Okeshi, Sandanme)
6th - Nagoya 2003 (Kamejima, Sandanme)
7th - Aki 2003 (Dubya, Sandanme)
8th - Haru 2004 (Fujisan, Sandanme)
9th - Hatsu 2005 (Torideyama, Sandanme)
10th - Haru 2005 (Maguroyama, Jonidan)
11th - Nagoya 2005 (Jakusotsu, Makuuchi)
12th - Kyushu 2005 (Oshirokita, Makuuchi)
13th - Natsu 2006 (Jakusotsu, Juryo)
14th - Nagoya 2006 (Chochononami, Jonidan)
15th - Kyushu 2006 (Hakaso, Juryo)
16th - Haru 2007 (Jakusotsu, Juryo)
17th - Natsu 2007 (Jakusotsu, Juryo)
18th - Natsu 2007 (philafuji, Jonidan)
19th - Aki 2007 (Oshirokita, Makuuchi)
20th - Aki 2007 (Hakaso, Juryo)
Kintamayama Challenge Cup
3 times 1st - Nagoya 2004 (Ekigozan)
2nd - Kyushu 2005 (Ekigozan)
3rd - Nagoya 2007 (Chijanofuji)
Gochisozan Oyakata Prize 3 times 1st - Hatsu 2004 (Hatakuneko)
2nd - Nagoya 2004 (Ekigozan)
3rd - Aki 2005 (Marushiki)
Juryo Yusho
8 times
1st - Kyushu 2000 (Boltono)
2nd - Nagoya 2002 (Jejima)
3rd - Haru 2003 (Sumosmurf)
- Hatsu 2004 (Chochononami)
5th - Haru 2004 (Chochononami)
6th - Natsu 2004 (Jakusotsu)
7th - Aki 2007 (Jejima)
8th - Kyushu 2007 (Hakaso)
Juryo Jun-Yusho
17 times
1st - Aki 2000 ( Taconokawa)
2nd - Haru 2001 (Taconokawa)
3rd - Natsu 2001 (Soumikatai)
4th - Nagoya 2002 (Soumikatai)
5th - Hatsu 2003 (Jomojo)
6th - Haru 2003 (Oshirokita)
7th - Natsu 2003 (Jejima)
8th - Nagoya 2003 (Getayukata)
9th - Nagoya 2003 (Tzutziyama)
10th - Nagoya 2004 (Ekigozan)
11th - Aki 2004 (Jakusotsu)
12th - Aki 2004 (Oshirokita)
13th - Aki 2004 (Vincentoryu)
14th - Haru 2005 (Manamiwaka)
15th - Kyushu 2006 (Jakusotsu)
16th - Natsu 2007 (Soumikatai)
17th - Nagoya 2007 (Shimoryu)
Philanomi Technique Prize (Juryo)
9 times
1st - Kyushu 2000 (Soumikatai)
2nd - Kyushu 2001 (Jejima)
3rd - Natsu 2003 (Jejima)
4th - Nagoya 2003 (Tzutziyama)
5th - Hatsu 2004 (Chochononami)
6th - Hatsu 2005 (Getayukata)
7th - Natsu 2005 (Fujisan)
8th - Hatsu 2007 (Shimoryu)
0th - Natsu 2007 (Shimoryu)
Jejima Founders Prize
(Juryo Fighting Spirit Prize)
6 times 1st - Kyushu 2000 (Boltono)
2nd - Nagoya 2003 (Getayukata)
- Hatsu 2004 (Chochononami)
4th - Nagoya 2004 (Ekigozan)
5th - Aki 2005 (Vincentoryu, Juryo)
6th - Natsu 2007 (Shimoryu)
Makushita Yusho
3 times
1st - Hatsu 2003 (Jakusotsu)
2nd - Natsu 2003 (Tzutziyama)
3rd - Nagoya 2005 (Pastanoyama)
Makushita Jun-Yusho
6 times
1st - Natsu 2002 (Jomojo)
2nd - Hatsu 2003 (Oyakobuto)
3rd - Kyushu 2004 (Fujisan)
4th - Hatsu 2005 (Sumosmurf)
5th - Natsu 2006 (Pastanoyama)
6th - Natsu 2006 (Shimoryu)
Sushima Technique Prize
4 times
1st - Haru 2001 (Hatakuneko)
2nd - Hatsu 2004 (Vincentoryu)
3rd - Nagoya 2005 (Pastanoyama)
4th - Natsu 2006 (Shimoryu)
Gaijingai Nice Guy Prize
(Makushita Fighting Spirit Prize)
3 times 1st - Aki 2003 (Marushiki)
2nd - Hatsu 2004 (Vincentoryu)
3rd - Nagoya 2004 (Vincentoryu)
Sandanme Yusho 2 times 1st - Kyushu 2002 (Tzutziyama)
2nd - Hatsu 2005 (Gibmaatsuki)
Sandanme Jun-Yusho
11 times
1st - Hatsu 2002 (Jomojo)
2nd - Natsu 2002 (Okeshi)
3rd - Aki 2002 (Oyakobuta)
4th - Aki 2002 (Susanowozan)
5th - Kyushu 2002 (Jakusotsu)
6th - Nagoya 2003 (Dubya)
7th - Nagoya 2003 (Gibmaatsuki)
8th - Aki 2003 (Vincentoryu)
9th - Haru 2004 (Shimoryu)
10th - Aki 2006 (Maguroyama)
11th - Natsu 2007 (Hitotsuboshi)
Jomojo Technique Prize
6 times
1st - Haru 2002 (Okeshi)
2nd - Nagoya 2002 (Jakusotsu)
3rd - Kyushu 2002 (Jakusotsu)
4th - Haru 2004 (Shimoryu)
5th - Hatsu 2005 (Gibmaatsuki)
6th - Haru 2007 (Maguroyama)
Bandey, Bob and Jackster
International Cooperation Cup
(Sandanme Fighting Spirit Prize)
3 times
1st - Nagoya 2002 (Chochononami)
2nd - Aki 2002 (Chochononami)
3rd - Haru 2004 (Shimoryu)
Jonidan Yusho 2 times 1st - Kyushu 2005 (Kabochajima)
2nd - Aki 2006 (Hitotsuboshi)
Jonidan Jun-Yusho 1 time 1st - Kyushu 2005 (Gorgoro)

Click to view the winners of the

Aurora vs. Sakura
Images courtesy of Torideyama


the Dohyo

of the Dohyo
Kyushu 2007:

finishes in 2th place :(

And Sakura 3rd! :)
Basho Winner Total  Aurora Total Sakura
Kyushu 2007 Aurora 6 3
Aki 2007 Aurora 5 3
Nagoya 2007 Aurora 4 3
Natsu 2007 Sakura 3 3
Haru 2007 Aurora 3 2
Hatsu 2007 Sakura 2 2
Kyushu 2006 Sakura 2 1
Aki 2006 Aurora 2 0
Nagoya 2006 Aurora 1 0

All the comics on this page are by the award winning Dutch comic book artist Toon van Driel and are derived from his long running series "De Stamgasten" (Translation: "The Pub Regulars") where all the characters are animals with distinctly human characteristics.
Next to "De Stamgasten" Toon is even better known for his first and longest running comic book series called "FC Knudde",
which is about the strange adventures of a soccer team devoid of any talent, money, or common sense.

Translation of the text from Dutch into English by Chijanofuji.
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